Best Baja California Points of interest  to See and Visit in Ensenada Mexico

Thinking about the places to see, and well The entire destination that is the Baja California  Will take long to see and experience with so many Places to see and great things to do everywhere.

ensenada mexico beaches

Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Best Beaches in Ensenada Mexico Come and enjoy of the beautiful Ensenada Mexico Beaches, have fun in the sun and sand in Baja C. Visit one of the most popular beach on earth, where thousands of people come to visit
La Bufadora

La Bufadora Ensenada Mexico

The Baja California Ensenada Blowhole Welcome to one of the natural attraction one of the main spots in Baja California Mexico. Located on the Punta Banda Peninsula close to Ensenada Baja. The Ensenada Blowhole is a natural marine geyser, the
Ensenada Mexico Attractions

Ensenada Tourist Attractions

Best Baja California Points of interest  to See and Visit in Ensenada Mexico Thinking about the places to see, and well The entire destination that is the Baja California  Will take long to see and experience with so many Places

A destination such as this place south of the border with so many little towns and fishing villages surrounded by nice natural beauties All along the Baja California, combining the best beaches Where everyone has its own flavor and the attractions By itself are different from one place to another.

Best Ensenada Mexico Tourist Attractions to see and visit in Baja

Mlecon Ventana del Mar - Best Ensenada Attractions in Baja

Malecon Ventana del Mar

Like all destinations, the Malecon is a favorite meeting place to stroll and enjoy a good afternoon with the best landscapes that this destination offers.

This Malecón Ventana del Mar has been created as a place of leisure and recreation for the inhabitants and visitors, it offers cultural educational and sports events scheduled periodically to offer a variety of quality entertainment in this port.

All along this Boardwalk you can enjoy many special areas, where you can find kids playgrounds, places to enjoy snacks and food, gardens with beautiful panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the famous market of seafood where you can buy fresh products from the sea and try the most typical of the region.

All this framed with a Monumental Mexican flag and a beautiful fountain located on the esplanade del Malecón.

It is conveniently located and has public parking for easy access and easily enjoy its attractiveness of this port of Baja California.


first street ensenada - Ensenada Mexico Attractions

First Street – Baja California Points of Interest

One of the most popular Attractions to visit when you come to visit inlet in which you can find more diverse restaurants and bars, shopping options on the street, and where you will find the most popular places of entertainment to have a good time with friends or family.

In this place is the place known as the R1, which is one of the most popular points of the city in which Ruiz st and first streets intersect.

At this junction you will find the most popular bars that are the Hussongs and the Papa & Beer that are already an emblem of the city and one of the points to visit in the Baja.

sand dunes ensenada - Baja California Tourist Attractions

Baja California Tourist Attractions

Near this town in Baja California, there are a lot of natural attractions to visit, as well as destinations that are recommended to visit such as vineyards that are relatively close to the city.

santo tomas winery mexico - Ensenada Mexico Tourist Attractions

Bodega Santo tomas – Best Places to Visit in Ensenada Mexico

This is one of the first vineyards and one of the most traditional in the region in which you can get to know a little about the wine culture, which was brought back centuries ago from the old continent and here it laid its roots to be one of the most important and traditional regions throughout the Mexican Republic.

Now it is one of the most visited Attractions in the region, it is not just a visit to a winery and production fields, but to the scenarios and the beautiful landscapes that Valle de Guadalupe and the adjoining areas offer.

Snorkeling in Ensenada - Best Places to Visit in Ensenada


In the open sea, this location is not only excellent for diving in the Pacific Ocean, but also has excellent places to practice snorkeling as long as weather conditions allow it, since it is very different to do snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean compared to the Sea of ​​Cortez or in some bays that are in Baja California.

Even so, it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy this places to visit in some of the nearby beaches.

It is advisable to consult with local experts to find out which is the safest and recommended place to do this activity in this season of the year you visit.

Baja Blue Diver

Phone: +52 (646) 120-3040

This company offers the necessary equipment, as well as the assistance and instruction of their professional team, who will advise them so they can enjoy this activity as best as possible.


Natural Places to see

There are many places to visit, either to enjoy yourself on a trip, or to do so calmly and get to know them with more time, and thus dedicate the necessary attention to be able to fully experience and enjoy it.

ensenada la bufadora - Ensenada Points Of interest

La Bufadora – Best of Ensenada Tourist Attractions

This marine geyser is one of the top Ensenada Mexico Attractions and is formed by the action of the sea tide to collide with the rocks forming this jet stream of water coming out to propulsion at high altitudes, has been an asset for decades that attracted visitors, and has made it famous becoming a must see destination.



This has a popular history related to a whale, which will gladly be shared by many local people who use to tell those traditional stories to tourists and visitors.

el mirador baja - Things to See in Ensenada

El Mirador Baja

Is one of the favorite places to visit in the upper part of the Chapultepec hills, it is an excellent place to enjoy the panoramic view it offers of the city and the Bay of Todos Santos.

This place is only few miles north by the Rosarito toll road, in which you can also find another lookout called Salsipuedes which also offers very beautiful panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.



Ensenada Surf - Tourist Attractions in Ensenada Mexico


Some are perfect for surfing and boogie boarding While others are great for relaxing with the whole family with gentle waves.

And others that are great for snorkeling and scuba diving Aquasports, beach activities and not to forget some shore fishing.

Developers saw the great potential for great investments On this location, to turn it into a Golf Resort destination

Putting Baja California in the map with a great challenging course.

ensenada mexico beaches - Ensenada Places to Visit

Things To See in Baja California Norte Mexico

Wherever you go, you will see lots of great Attractions, The beauty and like depends of everyone likes Where some will like to relax and stay the whole day Laying back at the beach just watching the ocean And other getting deep into it, snorkeling, diving, Exploring thru several trail paths and roads into the hills and shores Visiting and enjoying the lagoon watching the wildlife in its natural habitat.

Anytime year round is great to come and check the most popular Tourist Attractions.

It might be a little hot and humid during the summer time and maybe have a little rain sometimes tropical storms.

Besides that, the rest of the year is nice and mild

Enjoying at the local attractions more than just stay locked

Instead of just be locked into a hotel room watching tv Will put and fill with all kind of experiences to colour your vacations Exploring and connecting with new things and places Trying new activities and flavors, getting immersed into a place.

In a simple word, living.


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