Welcome to Ensenada Winery Valle de Guadalupe
In the north side of Baja California in the road from
Port of Ensenada and Tecate Pueblo Magico.

Ensenada Wine Country Baja California Mexico

Centuries ago Los Kumiai where the first settlers until
Misionaries came to the area in the XVIII century,
They notice the Mediterranean style
Weather and started making wine for the first time.
Later some exiled russians migrated to the Valley of Guadalupe
And started the first wine producing companies Starting the 20th century

Guadalupe Valley Ensenada Wine Country Baja California Mexico

A blend from excellent hotels and great restaurants
With the best wines produced in the country
Is what you can experience in a single weekend away from home.
Spend the nights sleeping in the middle of the vineyards
Camping in a fully equipated luxury tent, an experience that is
Very popular this days around the globe.

Boutique Hotels to stay in Guadalupe Valley

Staying in boutique hotels is a must in the region
Touring along all the wineries in the country
It is the main activity in the region for visitors
Looking to taste all the differents wines they produce.
One that is a must is the Valley de Guadalupe Las Nubes Winery

What to do in the Wine Country

There are lots of activities besides of the culinary and wine experiences.
Great horseback riding, biking and threkking.
Visits to wine museums and sky tours on ballon.
Campfires nights under the starry sky are also popular.

Valle de Guadalupe is the perfect destination

For the wine and gastronomy lovers.
A simple weekend in the region, can turn into a great experience.
All surrounded in a charming and natural enviroment
Where from one side you can learn from the very producers
How a tradition that is the wine making that have made companion
To men for thousands of years.
Taste the different tipes and whatch the process
Along with the other side of wine tasting that is pairing it
With some of the best dishes in the best restaurants in the region.