Valle de Guadalupe the Baja Wine Country

Welcome to vineyard land in the north side of Baja California in the road from the Port and Tecate Pueblo Magico, a blend from excellent hotels and great restaurants with the best wines produced in the place is what you can experience in a single weekend away from home.

Centuries ago Los Kumiai where the first settlers until Missionaries came to the area in the XVIII century, they notice the Mediterranean style weather and started making wine for the first time.

Later some exiled russians migrated to this location and started the first wine producing companies Starting the 20th century.


Meet the beautiful Guadalupe Valley the Ensenada Wine Country Baja California

Meet the beautiful Guadalupe Valley the Ensenada Wine Country Baja California

Spend the nights sleeping in the middle of the vineyards camping in a fully equipped luxury tent, an experience that is  very popular this days around the globe.

This Valle in Ensenada Wine Country Baja California is a place rich in wineries, the production of wine in this region is one of the most important in the location and currently has 50 companies that are counting on the most outstanding and most renowned worldwide.


Valle De Guadalupe Baja California México

There is a wide variety that includes artisan wineries, boutique wineries, commercial bookstores, the most recognized and exclusive brands in the market.

A visit is not complete if you do not visit anything more important and more popular place wineries, there are companies that are dedicated to organize tours to various wine producers with which you can learn a little more about production and wine what is done in this region of Mexico.

Taste several related dishes in the region in one of the most important restaurants in the area, all framed in the beautiful landscapes of the wine fields that extend throughout this place.


Ensenada Wine Country Hotels

Find the best Valle de Guadalupe Lodging experiences

The lodging offer is growing and offering different styles with different experiences to what we are used to, creating unique and exclusive spaces for its visitors, from luxury Bed and breakfast, to boutique hotels all with a unique style very original and special touch, that is responsible for enhancing the sensation of being in a place as magical as this one.

This Place is relatively close to Ensenada, but it is still a great idea to stay one day in this quiet place away from Baja California and enjoying more than the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.


Baja Wine Country Hotels with a special touch

These are some of the most popular and recommended hotels from visitors, that for one reason or another has become the preferred of this kind of accommodation.

  • Rocas Del Valle

  • Hotel Endemico

  • Cielo Valle

  • Villa Del Valle

  • Hacienda Valle

Being only an hour and a half away from some cities in the United States, makes staying in Guadalupe Valley Hotels a pleasant experience, or a good idea for a weekend getaway.

The attractiveness of Guadeloupe Valley Hotels that are immersed in this magical and beautiful place surrounded by the vineyards and different wine producing houses, makes the winery hotels ideal especially in the season that celebrates the traditional festival of the harvest, on whose dates the vast majority of wine country hotels are totally reserved and the possibilities of staying at one of these Baja wine country hotels is becoming increasingly difficult, so it is highly advisable to plan those visits well in advance.

Valle De Guadalupe Boutique Hotels

Baja Boutique Hotel

Staying in boutique hotels is a must in the region touring along all the wineries, it is the main activity in the region for visitors looking to taste all the difference wines they produce one that is a must is Las Nubes Winery.

Hotels with a special and particular touch with an outstanding artistic originality, which makes it a unique experience to another accommodation is one to choose.


Valle De Guadalupe Bed And Breakfast

Valley of Guadalupe Mexico Bed And Breakfast

Already traditional accommodations that for centuries has been one of the pillars in accommodation around the world, offer a room with breakfast included in an environment as if you will be at home.


Valle De Guadalupe Glamping

Valle De Guadalupe Glamping and Camping in Luxury tents

Camping experience very close to the vineyards or even in the vineyards, in comfortable camping tents without sacrificing the luxury and comfort of a large renowned boutique hotel.

An activity that has taken much popularity lately in recent years is the luxury camping, thanks to the amount of pleasant spaces to accommodate these tents without achieving a considerable environmental impact in the area.

And in this way to enjoy more fully the environment without having to modify or so to say destroy the attractions around.

Even being able to stay and spend the night, just between the same vineyards, situation that a traditional hotel would be practically impossible to achieve.

In addition to other locations with beautiful views of the valley and accommodations that border on the style of boutique hotels.


What to do

There are lots of activities besides of the culinary and wine experiences, great horseback riding, biking and trekking, visits to wine museums and sky tours on ballon, campfires nights under the starry sky are also popular.


Valle De Guadalupe Restaurants

Taste the best Restaurants

Many of the most recommended and best-rated places in Ensenada, including much of the region, are here, with restaurants that offer dishes with ingredients harvested in the region organically, as well as a good selection of foods for accompany the wines that are produced here, making the perfect match between the food and drink.


Guadalupe Valley Wine Tour

A must in Baja Wine Tour

Guided visits to several producing wine houses, which will also share with you valuable information about the place of visit, as well as its characteristics and what makes this Valley so special for the production of wines.


The perfect getaway destination

For the wine and gastronomy lovers a simple weekend in the region, can turn into a great experience, all surrounded in a charming and natural environment where from one side you can learn from the very producers how a tradition that is the winemaking that have made companion to men for thousands of years.

Taste the different types and watch the process along with the other side of wine tasting that is pairing it with some of the best dishes in the best restaurants in the region.


Valle de Guadalupe the Ensenada Wine Country Baja California Map

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