Horsepower Ranch Ensenada

In Horsepower Ranch Ensenada Rates are calculated on a per person/per night basis because your stay at Horsepower Ranch is “all inclusive” including Dinners and Breakfasts.

For the past 12 years Horsepower Ranch has been a fixture in Bajas off-road racing culture and serves as the centerpiece of famed pre-race parties before the Baja 500 and 1000.

Is a fixture in Baja s off-road culture and serves as the centerpiece of the famed pre-race parties before the Baja 500 and 1000.

Guests at Horsepower Ranch can count on one thing…theyll always be comfortable.

Two styles of rooms as well as two private residences will ensure no matter what youre looking for youll be taken care of.

Horsepower Ranch Ensenada Baja California

The 147 acre oasis, 6 miles from the Pacific ocean, was found by Todd Clement in 2001 and upgraded to become the home of his Wide Open Baja adventure travel business.

But the history on this amazing property goes back long before todays modern machines…

back to a time when the Hollywood crowd of the 60s & 70s came to Baja to indulge in the allure of Mexico.

The original name of Horsepower Ranch was Rancho San Juanito and was built as an oasis resort that wealthy Americans came and spent their weekends at.
Lounging by the swimming pool, singing along with the piano player in the bar and carousing in nearby Ensenada was all they had to worry about when visiting San Juanito.

Horsepower Ranch Ensenada Baja Map

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