Charaterized by their intimate atmosphere, the type you are looking for in Boutique Hotels Ensenada.

That distinguis themselves different larger chain hotels, offering personalized attention and styled accommodations .

You can find the one with features that many people around the wolrd love.

Best Boutique Hotels Ensenada Baja California Mexico

Casa Natalie Hotel and Spa Ensenada

Casa Natalie Hotel and Spa Ensenada Baja California

Possibly Baja Californias finest boutique hotel, Casa Natalie Hotel and Spa is only an hour and a half south of San Diego. Visit us soon, and discover a world of serene elegance by the sea. Unwind at Casa Natalie, an
Americas Best Value Inn Hotel Posada El Rey Sol Ensenada

Americas Best Value Inn Hotel Posada El Rey Sol Ensenada Baja California

Hotel Posada El Rey Sol This charming colonial boutique hotel is located in the heart of the action. You can walk to more than 20 restaurants and coffee shops along the bazaar like streets lined with art effects, each one

Like a small hotel with few rooms, that keep very intimate creating a great ambiance of personally service and attention to all their guests.

Their have their distinctive flavor and will be different from one to each other, with it´s own personality.

A great design is a big feature in this accommodation type, combining some contemporary

style with some historic and chic details.

A combination of elegance, style, artisitic sense and luxury with upscale amenities and services.

All of them have their own personality, some are fun and funky, trendy and offbeat, and sometime eccentric.

Usually located in uncommon places where it´s add a special vibe or ambiance of it´s location,

sometimes hidden from noisy a crowded places.

As a part of it´s personality is it´s culture, reflecting part of the heritage and local historic background, giving a unique and

distinctive touch that can be found just in a specific part of the world.

Luxury Hotels Baja California

An always thriving and personalized service often offered by their very owners or a great staff that

share the same vision as the the boutique hotel has.

providing great great extra amenities customized just to your needs from a specific menu, to any requirement to a a great activity in the area.

It is not surprise that many of the best bars and restaurants are located within this great accommodations,

reflecting the quality of this very places from the core.

The benefits of finding great Boutique Hotels in Ensenada are great.

You can find these style of accommodation in this destination, for the experimented traveller

that looks for the special and the personalized service.

The intimate space for your vacations, that kind of intimacy can´t easily found in big Chains Hotels and Resorts, we know what you are looking.

Most of these boutique hotels are small enough to have it´s own charm and personality, that suits the traveler itself.

Here in Ensenada Baja, being located in Mexico with it´s huge history, culture, and traditions,

make most of these hotels unique, mixing i´ts regional flavor with the modern decor.

Enjoy the best meals, drinks, experiences from the fine personal that is going to make your vacations more than memorable.