Rancho Maria Teresa

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Take the opportunity to disconnect from the routine and come with your family to Rancho Maria Teresa Valle de Guadalupe in a beautiful setting with mountains, vineyards, olive trees and the most Mediterranean environment in the Baja California peninsula.

Here you will find several options to know everything about the production of wine and the culture that surrounds it, as well as being able to lodge in one of its rooms in the mission of Guadalupe Inn, which has all the families needed to have a good weekend with your family and your loved ones.


Rancho Maria Teresa Valle de Guadalupe

Ensenada Wine Country Guadalupe Valley Mexico Hotels

As part of the Guadalupe Valley Mexico Hotels in the wine country of Ensenada, in this Rancho Maria Teresa Valle de Guadalupe location you will find large gardens, swimming pools, and places for barbecue, as well as a restaurant for all your guests, free WiFi private parking available.


Guadalupe Valley Mexico Hotels

Posada Inn Mision de Guadalupe Hotel

The rooms in this hotel have air conditioning, private bathroom and some have a kitchen and balcony.

Ranch has its own vineyard where guests can go and walk and enjoy the field where they plant the grapes and enjoy their restaurant that offers a delicious variety of dishes that can be accompanied with the wines that are produced in this ranch Maria Teresa.

It is only 20 minutes driving from Ensenada, this place that has everything you need in the same place is the accommodation, restaurants, spa, tasting room, vineyards, orchards, playground and even a small farm . making the visit to this ranch a complete experience for the whole family.

Rancho Maria Teresa Spa

The perfect place to enjoy with the whole family, and enjoy the excellent climate that is enjoyed in the Valley of Guadalupe, surrounded by a country atmosphere in a quiet and relaxed environment.

Valley of Guadalupe Accommodation

It has 27 rooms and two villas, each with a full bathroom, hot water, air conditioning (except for the villas), television and Wi-Fi. Free parking.

Vineyard in Rancho de Maria Teresa

The wines are handcrafted with the grapes harvested in our vineyards with organic management. The vineyards have approximately 20 hectares of production That thanks to the Mediterranean climate of Valle de Guadalupe, in conjunction with the sun, the elevation above sea level, makes it an excellent place for the production of wines, and a graceful place in the Peninsula of Baja California.

Route to walk or ride a bike

The Hotel Rancho Maria Teresa Valle de Guadalupe Baja California has a route created specially designed for visitors, who can enjoy nature walking among the vineyards and orchards. a route of about 4 km that is not physically demanding, so it is suitable for any member of the family.


Best Guadalupe Valley Mexico Hotels

The main attraction of ranch María Teresa, is to be able to stay in a different place within Baja California, an alternative to the beaches and the Sands and the desert environment, like an Oasis in the middle of the mountains.


Hotel Rancho Maria Teresa Valle de Guadalupe Map