Ensenada Surf beaches are very popular due they are
Some of the best and less crowded locations in Baja.

Best Surf Spots in Ensenada Baja California Norte

The beaches of Ensenada are great for learning.
To spend a weekeng close to the border, improving
Your surfing skills or learning some new tricks.
Surfing is very popular in this destination, but still beaches
Remain empty, you won’t have to compete to catch a wave

Best Surf spots Baja California Norte

You can catch good size waves from 5 to 9 feet, depending on the area.
If you are inexperienced or beginner and you are starting to surf.
There is a beach named Playa Hermosa, just by the south of Ensenada.
It is reccommended for learning or improving your skills.
Then there is just up north of town the Tres Emed Beach
Close to the Saulzal Cliffs.
This location have become very popular for tournaments
Due the quality of their waves and the great views from
The promontory of the coast.
There are some close surfing beaches like San Miguel, Las Gaviotas,
La Fonda, Baja Malibu, Sal si Puedes, El Pigo and Stacks.
Those are more popular and more visit3d by surfers and
Varies it’s difficulty.

There is a place that is worldwide known and that is
The Todos Santos Bay that bears the name of a World Surfing Reserve.
There are some giant waves forming in Todos Santos Island.

There is always a good time to check the waves and surf.
Come along with your family and friends in your caravan rv
Or stay in a nice accommodation, then check what
All the great food and drinks are availavle in Ensenada
So you can complete your surfing vacations in Ensenada.

Surfing in Baja California Sur

So come and see the ensenada surfing beaches
In Baja California, you will have a great time south of the border
In a less crowded surfing paradise, a place just for you
And your family and friends.